Art Macabre

Art Macabre
Art Macabre, run by Nikki Shaill, inject a lethal dose of theatricality
and curiosity into drawing events. Inviting people to choose an artistic
weapon of choice and make some killer marks on paper since 2010, Art
Macabre believe that everybody can draw, given the right inspiration.
Interpreting themes of death through nude models, costume, props and
set designs, narrative and music, Art Macabre present drawing salons,
talks and workshops in London and beyond. From Barts Pathology
Museum to East End pubs, Parisian gardens to Portmeirion’s town hall,
regular events are held in a variety of venues. Art Macabre allows
people to create contemporary memento mori, sponsored by Cass Art.
For the Congress for Curious People, Art Macabre presented a ‘real-life
Anatomical Venus’ to be sketched, with a bodypainted model posing
for a packed Old Operating Theatre, to complement the following talk
about the history of these uncannily realistic, hauntingly beautiful wax
For our upcoming events please see our homepage.