Shannon Taggart

Luminations: An Evening of Esoteric Photography 

Swedenborg Hall, London

The invention of photography coincided with the scientific exploration of a variety of invisible forces. Disembodied communication was made possible with the telegraph, the power of electricity was harnessed, radiation was discovered, x-rays were produced and worlds within worlds were being revealed via microscopes and telescopes. During this era of possibility, photography was used in scientific attempts to show thoughts and feelings, verify the existence of a universal life force and manifest proof of the human soul.

This presentation began with an overview of early camera-less photographic experimentation including the evolution of what is now known as the Kirlian photography process. It was the intention to set up a Kirlian device for a demonstration so that everyone would have a chance to get their hand photographed, but unfortunately the device blew up.

This presentation by Shannon Taggart was part of an evening including presentations by Mark Pilkington, Alison Gill and Alex Murray.

Shannon Taggart, Kirlian Image of Four Thumbs, 2012

Shannon Taggart, Kirlian Image of Four Thumbs, 2012