Suzanne Treister

Occult Atlas: Aleister Crowley at the Warburg Institute

A private viewing of the so called Gerald Yorke Scrapbooks on Aleister Crowley at the Warburg Institute with librarian Philip Young, archivist Claudia Wedepohl, artist Suzanne Treister & writer Gary Lachman.

For four years, Gerald Yorke was one of Aleister Crowley’s closest followers, and remained a lifelong friend. Although in later life he embraced Buddhism, he was one of the handful of people who laboured to preserve the legacy of ‘The Beast’ after his death in 1947.

You can read Suzanne Treister’s work on Crowley from her project HEXEN2039 here and here. You can read more about the project here, and curator and writer Richard Grayson’s response to it here.